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I have talked about in some of my previous posts about how so many psychics are scam artists. As there was one who I went to who predicted things that were too good to be true- and that is because it was! I had also heard from someone else that this particular ?psychic? told these 17-year old girls that they would be famous stars by the time they were 20!

Well, guess what, that never happened, and I can only imagine how broken hearted these poor girls were. What this “psychic” did was take advantage of the fact that these girls were young, naive, and hopeful- and what he did was beyond cruel. Sadly, there are so many frauds around just like this so-called psychic around.

You also want to steer clear of any kind of so-called psychic that tells you that your hardships that you are facing are a result of a curse that was placed on you. Then they offer a service to remove it as long as you pay them. And once you fall into that trap-?they will tell you to come back and scan you again to see if the entire curse was removed. And you can guess that not all of it was removed so guess what you will be expected to do in order to have it completely cleared. You will have to pay them more money! Unfortunately, so many people fall into that trap. These people are monsters who prey on desperation! That said, stay far away from any “psychic” who makes that kind of promise to you!

However, I came across a website called, and they have legitimate intuitive counselors on there who will be there to help you in areas of life where you need the most insight- and they will also not tell you to pay money for removing curses because that is not how this platform operates- nor will it tolerate!


There are a variety of tarot readers, astrologers, past life readers, pet readers, money readers, missing object readers and so on that can help you out. And you don?t have to worry about being fed a load of BS. These intuitive counselors are thoroughly screened. Only those who can prove that they are legitimate and skilled will pass. Therefore, they will be able to read for clients on PsychicOz.

I also want to add that a good psychic will make you aware that you have free will and nothing is set in stone. Sure, things can be predicted, some things clearly are not meant to be- yet at the same time, you have free will! If anything, a good intuitive counselor will help you stay on a good path in order to achieve something you want and need. These are the kind of psychics that have been hired by PsychicOz to read for clients.

Based on the content that I do share, you know that I do not put up with any kind of BS! And based on the fact that I am an astrologer who is very critical of psychics in general- because so many of them are dishonest and only tell you what you want to hear, I approve of PsychicOz.


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